Project Description


We are constantly amazed at the sheer variety of the products that we are commissioned to manufacture, as well as the incredible range of applications for which they are intended.

This particular tool is an excellent example of innovation in action. Contacted by one of the world’s largest and most respected satellite manufacturing companies and working from their engineering drawings and technical specifications, we were asked to manufacture this ultra-specialist assembly, which is used to insert vital parts into the satellite body immediately prior to launch. Positioned on the actual launch pad itself, the tool has to be intricately manoeuvred in order to complete its vital task to infinite levels of precision accuracy.

Our manufacturing process included fabricating the aluminium base, engineering all the delicate components utilising a range of engineering materials including: nylon, stainless steel and a specialist-grade SKF used for the precision linear bearings. We also manufactured and assembled the vital calibrated control mechanism, which was coated using a high-performance Alocrom finish.

This was a challenging technical and complex piece of equipment to manufacture and assemble, and even though we are not permitted to know precisely its ultimate function on the launch pad, we are extremely proud of our achievement.