Project Description


This sophisticated container was scientifically designed and manufactured to provide not only a safe and secure transit and storage unit for large Rolls Royce generator engines, but it also incorporates a unique climate control system to ensure that even after a long sea journey or prolonged storage period in hot, damp or humid climates, the engine is preserved in perfectly dry prime condition ready for immediate action.

Interestingly, at Peak Precision Engineering we were called in at the very early prototype stage and our design engineers worked closely alongside the Rolls Royce design team to develop what is now acclaimed as a highly efficient transit and storage unit that fulfils all its intended criteria.

The base of the unit is manufactured in our workshops using high-grade steel.  All the ancillary components (with the exception of the built in electric controls) are also fabricated in-house, as is the final colour coating and assembly.

The upper cover, which is also fully produced in-house, uses a customised grade of fibreglass that is specially formulated to our own and Rolls Royce specifications.

The controlled environment, all of which was included in our original design proposals, ensures that the interior of the container is continuously monitored with a sophisticated bank of sensors designed to detect even the slightest level of humidity, condensation or dampness.  At the first sign of compromise a further input of nitrogen is automatically delivered to maintain a guaranteed dry and safe environment for the valuable engine.