Project Description


When Rolls Royce required reliable and fully accredited precision engineering support to manufacture their new Cropping Tool, they immediately contacted Peak Precision Engineering.

The tool is used to configure the final intricate profile of jet engine blades, so precision and reliability were right at the top of their specification list.

Working to our client’s engineering drawings, we firstly commissioned highly skilled pattern makers to manufacture the critical mould required to cast the iron stand. This was then machined in our workshop using our latest CNC milling technology, whilst at the same time we began to engineer of all the other crucial components required as part of the manufacturing process.  This entailed milling, turning and precision benchwork using a number of different specialist metals, including mild steel, ENA and tool steels.  In addition we also manufactured the carbide cutting disk that had to be engineered to the most critical standards.

Finally, everything was surface coated as specified by our client, before assembly and testing ready of delivery.

The only components of the tool not manufactured by us on site were the electric motor and other specially bought-in electric fittings.

Rolls Royce was delighted with the tool as well as with the quality and reliability of our service.