Project Description


As an internationally respected supplier to the global market, Rolls Royce has to frequently ship its products to virtually every corner of the world.  The company contacted Peak Precision Engineering because it required a robust and reliable carrier for its ‘Trent’ generator engines that could be swiftly and securely loaded onto a Jumbo Jet and at the same time ensure essential protection for the engine.

The carrier we manufactured and assembled is in three parts.  There is a two-part steel fabricated base frame, plus a lightweight but sturdy cover to provide additional protection for the engine during transit.

The two-part frame is engineered from tempered steel to Rolls Royce specifications.  The base and top-section are also secured together using a spring shock-absorbing system to cushion the engine against impact and to lessen the risk of any damage during its journey.  The frame was also manufactured complete with all the fastening lugs, securing bolts and other vital cargo restraint components.

For the cover we manufactured a strong aluminium guard-frame produced on a purpose-designed jig to ensure maximum precision, strength and impact resistance.  This was then overlaid using an extremely strong ABS plastic cover to add further protection to the valuable cargo.

Everything for this project was manufactured in-house, including all the custom-made lugs and securing bolts.  The finish finally applied to the frame and the cover was formulated to precise Rolls Royce specifications.