Quality? It’s fully assured

Equally as important as the standard of the work produced in the factory and the skills of the company’s engineers and management, is the ability to monitor, measure and comply with the Quality Assurance systems that are in place.

At Peak Precision Engineering a massive amount of time, effort and investment has gone into developing the company’s Inspection and QA systems with a dedicated, impressively equipped, environmentally controlled inspection suite staffed by experienced and qualified quality inspectors.

Included among the company’s list of formal accreditations are ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001,
AS: 9100, plus a number of client’s bespoke quality accreditations including Rolls Royce Approval.

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Protecting the reputation of Rolls Royce

Peak Precision Engineering has recently completed the latest project on behalf of their long-standing client, Rolls Royce. It is a specially commissioned and purpose-engineered, heavy-duty container designed for the safe transportation, storage and protection of a valuable Rolls Royce military generator engine.

Working to critical RR design specifications and in strict compliance with the company’s stringent QA guidelines, Peak have engineered all the components and have assembled the giant container, which measures an impressive 3m x 3m x 4.5m and weighs in at a colossal 7.5 tonnes, at their Stalybridge site.

The container, designed to assure the safe handling, transportation and storage of the valuable engine is also nitrogen purged to guarantee that there will be no risk of dampness affecting the engine and that it will remain in perfect condition and be instantly ready for action the moment it is called on.

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Always in control

Developed specifically for clients whose quality disciplines demand continuous updates and the most stringent control procedures to be in place for their engineering projects, Peak Precision Engineering has established a unique Project Management System.

Having set up a dedicated operational department to manage this important sector of their business, Peak now has all the required resources and expertise available in house to monitor and report on all the crucial aspects of manufacturing and turnkey packages.

The system is designed to operate through high-speed DATA connections (ADSL) and as part of this facility the company can keep clients constantly updated on the progress of their jobs. They can also immediately initiate and incorporate any changes and updates the client may require.

Reporting tools include RAG, BRAG & Gantt project tracking charts.

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